PMI monitors LLIN durability in many of its focus countries. Completed, current, and upcoming monitoring activities are listed below, and will be updated as new information become available. If you are aware of information we are missing, please contact us.

CountryProductMonitoring AreasPublicationsLink to Data Sets
Mali 2018-2021PermaNet 2.0 & YorkoolKita • Kenieba (Kayes Region),
Ghana 2018-2021Olyset and DawaPlus 2.0Nanumba south, and Zabzugu, respectively
Zambia 2018-2021PermaNet 2.0 & OlysetKatete • Lundazi (Eastern Province)
Liberia 2018-2021DuraNetLofa • Grand Gedeh
Kenya 2018-2021DawaPlus 2.0 & DuraNetBusia (Western) • Kwale (Coast) Counties
Benin 2017-2020DawaPlus 2.0 & PermaNet 2.0 & YorkoolKetou • Dogbo • Djougou
Burma 2016-2019DawaPlus 2.0 & PermaNet 2.0Tamu TownshipDurability-monitoring-of-llin-in-burma-final-report-after-36-months-follow-up-(2019).pdfBurma Data
DRC 2016-2019DuraNet/MAGNet & DawaPlus 2.0Sud-Ubangi • MongalaDurability monitoring of LLIN in DRC Final Report after 36 months of follow up August 2019

Rapport final surveillance de la durabilite des MILD apres 36 mois
DRC Data
Guinea 2016-2019PermaNet 2.0Boffa • Dinguiraye
Tanzania (Zanzibar) 2016-2019Olyset & PermaNet 2.0Wete • North BDurability monitoring of LLIN in Zanzibar Final Report after 36 months of follow up July 2019Zanzibar Data
Nigeria 2015-2018DawaPlus 2.0Zamfara • Ebonyi • OyoDurability Monitoring of LLIN Nigeria Final Report after 36 months follow-up – January Nigeria Data
Mozambique 2015-2018MAGNet & Royal SentryInhambane • Tete • NampulaDurability Monitoring of LLIN in Mozambique, Final report after 36 months follow-up – December 2018Mozambique Data
Madagascar 2015-2017PermaNet 2.0Nosy • Varika • Maintirano • Tulear II • AnkazobeLLIN Durability Monitoring in Madagascar 2015-2017, final report after 36 months follow-up
Zimbabwe 2015-2019DawaPlus 2.0 and DuraNet13 malaria endemic districts in Mashonaland Central and West Provinces,
Malawi 2016-2019Yorkool‚ Royal SentryMangochi • Kasungu,
Ethiopia 2015-2018PermaNet 2.0‚ MAGNetOromia • Tigray • SNNP • Amhara
Benin 2014-2017(PADNET),LifeNet‚ PermaNet 3.0Oueme
Madagascar 2013-2015NetProtect & Yorkool & Royal SentryAmbanja • Morondava • Diego-Suarez • Mandoto • Sakaraha • Toamasina II , RandriamaherijaonaS Raharinjatovo J Boyer S. Durability
Nigeria 2012-2014100 denier polyester (PermaNet 2.0® in Zamfara and Nasarawa‚ and DawaPlus 2.0® in Cross River)Zamfara • Nasarawa • Cross RiverKilian A Koenker H Obi E Selby RA Fotheringham M Lynch M. Field durability of the same type of long-lasting insecticidal net varies between regions in Nigeria due to differences in household behaviour and living conditionsMalar J. 2015 Mar 24;14:123
Uganda 2012-2014(Care and Repair operational research),PermaNet 2.0‚ OlysetEasternHelinski MH Namara G Koenker H Kilian A Hunter G Acosta A Scandurra L Selby RA Mulondo K Fotheringham M Lynch M. Impact of a behaviour change communication programme on net durability in eastern Uganda. Malar J. 2015 Sep 22;14(1):366
Angola 2011-2014DawaPlus 2.0Kwanza Sul and Uije Provinces
Benin 2011-2013OlysetKessounou • Allada • Kandi • MalanvilleGnanguenon V‚ Azondekon R‚ Oke-Agbo F‚ Beach R‚ Akogbeto M.  Durability assessment results suggest a serviceable life of two‚ rather than three years for the current long-lasting insecticidal (mosquito) net (LLIN) intervention in Benin.  Malar J. 2014;14:69 • Azondekon R‚ Gnanguenon V‚ Oke-Agbo F‚ Houevoessa S‚ Green M‚ Akogbeto M.  A tracking tool for long-lasting insecticidal (mosquito) net intervention following a 2011 national distribution in Benin. Parasit Vector. 2014;7:6
Kenya 2009-2014DawaPlus 2.0‚ DuraNet‚ Interceptor‚ NetProtect‚ Olyset‚ PermaNet 2.0‚ PermaNet 3.0Gem District
Madagascar 2011-2015Yorkool‚ Royal Sentry‚ NetProtectToamasinall/Morondava • Mandoto/Sakaraha • Ambanja/Diego
Malawi 2009-2013Duranet‚ Interceptor‚ Netprotect‚ Olyset‚ PermaNet 2.0Chikwawa
Mozambique 2008-2011Olyset and PermaNet 2.0NampulaMorgan J‚ Abílio AP‚ do Rosario Pondja M‚ Marrenjo D‚ Luciano J‚ Fernandes G; et al. Physical durability of two types of long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) three years after mass LLIN distribution campaign in Mozambique‚ 2008-2011. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2015;92:286-293
Rwanda 2010-2013Olyset and PermaNet 2.0Masaka (Rusheshe and Cyimo) • Kinazi (Burima and Rutabo) • Bungwe (Bushenye and Bungwe)Hakizimana E‚ Cyubahiro B‚ Rukundo A‚ Kabayiza A‚ Mutabazi A‚ Beach R‚ et al. Monitoring long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) durability to validate net serviceable life assumptions‚ in Rwanda. Malar J. 2014;13:344
Senegal 2010-2013Lifenet‚ Netprotect‚ Olyset‚ PermaNet 2.0‚ DawaPlus 2.0
Zambia 2010PermaNet 2.012 districts in Eastern‚ Southern‚ Northern‚ and CopperbeltCraig AS Muleba M Smith SC Katebe-Sakala C Chongwe G Hamainza B Walusiku B Tremblay M Oscadal M Wirtz R Tan KR. Long-lasting insecticidal nets in Zambia: a cross-sectional analysis of net integrity and insecticide content. Malar J. 2015 Jun 10;14:239,
Zambia 2011PermaNet 2.0 & OlysetLuapula & NorthernTan KR Coleman J Smith B Hamainza B Katebe-Sakala C Kean C Kowal A Vanden Eng J Parris TK Mapp CT Smith SC Wirtz R Kamuliwo M Craig AS A longitudinal study of the durability of long-lasting insecticidal nets in Zambia. Malar J. 2016 Feb 19;15:106